Compatible Platforms

Virtual Studio lets you stream to almost any platforms that offer streaming URL


Maximize the uniqueness & value of your contents

Multi-screen, multi-camera

With multi-screen and multi-camera in 3D space, hosts can present their contents seamlessly, leveraging audience engagements.


Easy collaboration

Virtual Studio allows hosts to collaborate with guests easily for professional and unique online conference, talk shows, and etc。
Also, you can shoot entire body by using Virtual Studio app (Currently only iOS).


Flexible design & presentation features

Hosts can customize logos, colors, and graphics of their studios to make it suits to their contents.
Hosts can also show variety of media (pdf, videos, images and screen sharing) on multiple screens that enables very effective communication.


Virtual Studio App

App makes it a lot easier to shoot entire body

Step 1.

Set up a simple shooting space and capture a participant by installed app. (*Currently support iOS)

Step 2.

Connect to Virtual Studio via app.

Step 3.

Enjoy 👍

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